The EU-NETS Digital Platform will be an online learning platform designed with and for VET teachers and trainers, with information, tools and resources to support and enhance the delivery and management of e-Learning courses for Energy Community Managers.

The Platform will provide guidelines and materials to allow VET providers to develop and manage their own e-learning course, by choosing the modules according to their needs, and providing the platform with the information and learning material they need to transfer into their program.

This Project Result addresses the following needs of VET providers:

1) to increase the effectiveness and quality of their distance learning practices, challenged by poor experience and skills in creating digital contents and in making efficient use of online and distance learning platforms;

2) to keep students engaged and motivated in learning.

The EU-NETS digital platform will let VET providers create, deliver and manage complete courses and will provide the tools to:

-manage the whole e-learning experience (e.g. managing registrations, uploading video-lessons, scheduling live sessions/workshops, setting the reward system and tracking the programs’ goals);

-monitor learners’ engagement level to detect risks of dropouts (by tracking learners’ activities and providing real-time feedback about their attendance, behavior, and learning progress, as well as opportunities to interact with learners and follow-up on their engagement);

-make efficient use of the platform (visual guidance and instructions, video-tutorials and demonstrations, online training modules, use cases).

The Platform is addressed to VET educators in the sector of Energy and Environment. It will be developed in Greek, Italian, Spanish and in English, in order to enable the possibility for further adoptions beyond the participating countries. At least 15 persons belonging to the target groups will be directly involved in the testing cycles of the product. Min. 300 VET providers at national and EU level (50 per each partner country) will be targeted by the dissemination activities (sponsored digital campaign, face-to-face presentations, newsletters) aimed at promoting the digital platform.

The Project Result is expected to:

– increase the quality and effectiveness of distance learning practices of VET providers;

– increase VET teachers and trainers’ confidence in their online teaching practices; – increase the  attractiveness of VET providers’ elearning programs;

– increase VET learners’ engagement and motivation in distance learning. In terms of transferability potential, the platform could be potentially used by every VET provider Result Description (including: needs analysis, target groups, elements of innovation, expected impact and transferability potential) active in the sector of Energy and Environment.