The Project

EU-NETS project addressed the emerging topic of the Energy Communities, with the objective to develop a new training path for managers and professionals that will work to create, develop and manage these new entities, that will play an important role in the energy and climate transition.

The Partners

Project Results

The final results expected in EU-NETS project is the definition of a specific vocational training path for the new professional figure of Energy Community Manager.

Latest news

On April 22 and 23, the first “Train the trainer” of the EU-NETS project has been held in Vigo, Spain. This event is framed within the activities of work package number 2 “Energy Community Manager Training Course Design and Implementation”, with the purpose of validating and […]
EU-NETS project partners are proud to announce that from the first activty carried out, the analyse of the energy communities in Italy, Greece and Spain, a scientific article has been published to the prestigious  scientific magazine “Sustainability Journal”. Furthermore, the article has had an impact on […]
The EU-NETS team has finlized the first activity of the project, the analyses of the energy communities in Italy, Greece and Spain. The study has been carried by the project partners, throgh an in depth analyses of the existing publications and direct interviews with relevant public […]

About the Energy Communities

The law that stimulates the creation and development of Renewable Energy Communities and widespread self-consumption in Italy has been published on the website of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security. As of today, 24 January, the decree comes into force for all intents and […]
The 2022 State of the Energy Union report has been published by the Commission, highlighting the challenges that the energy sector has faced in the past 12 months and the progress made in addressing both these exceptional circumstances in the short-term and Europe’s long-term climate goals. In particular, […]
Webinar “In support of energy communities for climate neutral cities” organized by the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy that will be held online in the 13th of July. The webinar aims to provide participants 威而鋼 with a better understanding of all the socio-economic benefits […]

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